Art Nouveau Designs / P. van Roojen

2/5/20. Around 1880, a new decorative style developed in Europe that radically broke with prevailing artistic conventions. Variations of this style included Jugendstil in Germany and Arts & Crafts in England. The variety that emerged in French-speaking countries became known as Art Nouveau, literally new art'. This style was typified by its organic forms, stylised floral compositions and abundant use of curves. Asian, most notably Japanese, influences were evident in the shapes and colours, as well as in recurring themes such as fish, birds, vegetation, clouds and other natural phenomena.

Art Nouveau Designs / P. van Roojen

€ 7,50Prijs
  • 9789057680137

    Uitgeverij; The Pepin press. 

    Paperback. 2002. 

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