Drawing Boundaries: Architectural Images in Qing China / A. Chung.

 1/5/19. Qing China (1644-1912) witnessed a resurgence in architectural painting, a traditional subject category known as jiehua, or boundary painting. Drawing Boundaries concerns itself with the symbolic implications of this impressive and little studied reflorescence. Beginning with a concise and well-illustrated history of the evolution of the tradition, this new study reveals how these images were deployed in the Manchu (Qing) imperial court to define political, social, or cultural boundaries. Characterized by grand conception and regal splendor, the paintings served to enhance the imperial authority of rulers and, to a segment of the elite, to advertise social status. Drawing Boundaries thus speaks to both issues of painting and architectural style and the discourse of powerful cultural forms.

Drawing Boundaries is the first full-length study of an important tradition of premodern Chinese art and architecture.

Drawing Boundaries: Architectural Images in Qing China / A. Chung.

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  • Isbn:9780824826635

    Drawing Boundaries: Architectural Images in Qing China. 2004. Honololu, Univ. of Hawai'i Press. Isbn:9780824826635. Gebonden, keurig.

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