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Heads and tales / Malvina Hoffman

1/11/20. Illustrations (mostly photographs) showing amazing array of topics (ranging from "Anna Pavlowa posing for her 'Bacchanale' poster to Rodin's grave, "bronzes being 'chased' or finished after casting" to "core inside of sand section mold," Benin bronze to "portrait of the Arab cook," "Black Belgian marble Senegalese head" to Hawaiian surf-board rider, Port of Salammbo to Ainu woman in native costume, "Seated Goddess in nunnery at Nara" to Samoan warrior, Ainus drinking from their sake bowls to Cherry-blossom dancers at Kyoto, Japan, Mongolian dancer to Bali after tropical rain, "the 'wedding wail' Andaman Island to a group of Semang pigmies, Pottery-maker Desideria to "Acrobatic Pahalwan Nats," Untouchable Tamil woman to Santa Clara Pueblo chief, Mabel Dodge Luhan to Albert Looking Elk, just a few); 5 parts/31 chapters, recounting story of Hoffman's global ventures + adventures for the Field Museum of Chicago; appendix of translations; index; author biographical information within text . Ms. Hoffman was hired to go around the world and cast the people of the world for Chicago's Natural HIstory Museum. This is the story of her travels and adventures. Lots of pictures.

Heads and tales / Malvina Hoffman

€ 12,50Prijs
  • Geen ISBN

    Uitgeverij; Charles Scribner s son. 

    Hardcover. 1936. Hoekje uit eerste bldzijde. 

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