Heidegger's Philosophy of Being./ H. Philipse

 4/10/18. This scrupulously researched and rigorously argued book is the first to interpret and evaluate the central topic of Martin Heidegger's philosophy--his celebrated "Question of Being"--in the context of the full range of Heidegger's thought. With this comprehensive approach, Herman Philipse distinguishes in unprecedented ways the center from the periphery, the essential from the incidental in Heidegger's philosophy. Among other achievements, this allows him to shed new light on the controversial relationship between Heidegger's life and thought--in particular the connections between his philosophy and his involvement with Nazism.

Heidegger's Philosophy of Being./ H. Philipse

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  • Isbn:9780691001197

    Heidegger's Philosophy of Being. A Critical Interpretation.Princeton University Press.1998.Isbn:9780691001197. Softcover.

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