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Midsummer night s feary tale / W. Froud & T. Windling

9/3/21. Not once upon a time, but right now, in a forest called Old Oak Wood, faeries frolic, invisible to those humans who choose not to believe in them. In A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S FAERY TALE, doll maker Wendy Froud and award winning fantasy author Terri Windling collaborate to tell the story of one of these elusive fellows, a young tree-root faery named Sneezle. Each page of this delightful book is graced with an elaborately staged photo of Froud's doll creations in their natural habitats, paired with Windling's story of Sneezle's unlikely heroism. Sneezle and his diaphanous friends are adorable enough to charm children and adults alike. Sneezle's adventures begin when he sets out to fetch the Midsummer crown for King Oberon. Meanwhile, the Faery Queen Titania is found asleep, victim of a powerful magic spell. The hopes of the faery kingdom ride on Sneezle who encounters fascinating forest characters, discovers the identity of the wicked sorceress who has enchanted the queen, and learns about courage and loyalty. He also figures out that being 'same old Sneezle' is a fine thing to be.

Midsummer night s feary tale / W. Froud & T. Windling

€ 10,00Prijs
  • 0684855593

    Uitgeverij; Simon & Schuster. 

    Hardcover met omslag. 1999. Met handtekening van W.Froud. 

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