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Alexander Rodchenko / W. Stepanowa o.a.

3/11/20. As spokesman of the Inkhuk group, which included Vladimir Tatlin as a leading member, Alexander Rodchenko was a decisive factor in the development of abstract art with his paintings, sculptures and architectural designs. This monograph focuses on Rodchenko's sculptures and presents a large number of works created by the Russian Constructivist. These can be loosely divided into three groups, beginning with the abstract sculptures dating from the year 1918, in which the artist renders the geometric surfaces of his pictures "spatially," assembling two-dimensional material, cardboard or plywood. Subsequently, works that are intended to be freely suspended within a given space form a second series of constructions: These light, perforated interlacings, consisting of similar geometrical contours, were flexible, kinetic sculptures, also viewed as the first mobiles.

Alexander Rodchenko / W. Stepanowa o.a.

€ 45,00Prijs
  • 9783775711784

    Uitgeverij; Hatje Cantz.

    Hardcover. 2002. 

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