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Animals in African Art / A. Robberts

7/4/24.Animal images are so common in African art, and their meanings and purposes assumed to be so obvious, that they are taken for granted. Indeed, Animals in African Art is the first major book wholly dedicated to the subject. Once the animals in African art are looked at more closely, important questions arise. Why is it that from the astounding diversity of life-forms in Africa, so very few animals are chosen as subjects of visual and performative arts? Why are the animals that do appear repeatedly in African art so often so downright peculiar - even preposterous? And why do zoomorphic masks, figures, and other objects almost always refer to human being and purpose? In other words, why and how are animals such a useful, if purposefully distorting mirror of humanity? What does it mean to "become" a hyena or an eland by donning a mask or entering a trance? Indeed, what does it mean to be "human" or "animal," in the first place?

Animals in African Art / A. Robberts

€ 15,00Prijs
  • 9783791314556

    Uitgeverij;Prestel Pub. 

    Hardcover met omslag. 1995. 

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