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Art Game  Book / D. Rosenberg

18/10/20. In addition to beautiful reproductions, commentaries, and a glossary of the important art movements, this exciting book includes a resource guide to help you check out the world's major modern and contemporary art museums, find the best websites, and choose among the most important art fairs and events. To be serious while not taking oneself seriously: that's the objective of this book, which allows the reader to explore the complete history of 20th century art with enthusiasm and curiosity. Developed to be both comprehensive and accessible, The Art Game Book is a new way of approaching art history. The works included here are perfect representations of 20th century art, but are fresh examples and not the usual suspects. This book is, in essence, a game that allows the reader not only to test his or her knowledge of art but to see and appreciate it in a new way. The Art Game Book lets you start where you like and browse your way from one art movement to another, or from one era to the next, through questions, games, definitions, and commentaries.

Art Game Book / D. Rosenberg

€ 10,00Prijs
  • 9782843235207


    Paperback. 2003. 

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