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Bloemen en vruchten borduren in petit-point / M. Dessein

24/12/20. Simple, beautiful, decorative and fascinating: embroidery in petit-point rediscovered after the success of the past, especially in the nineteenth century the embroidery regarded as the highest form of expression of the feminine ideal: patience, skill, perseverance and imagination. The colorful pages shines a particularly rich collection of designs and diagrams, inviting irresistible to create it yourself with needle and thread, nimble fingers and attentive gaze. A colorful world of poetry, elegance, wires and stabbing, ready to be embroidered. Practical advice and descriptions are not lacking: materials, grids, yarn and techniques are illustrated in a clear manner. A useful guide for beginners to successfully recreate the most uieenlopende motives and to venture with confidence to embroider cushions, upholstery, carpets or panels. A delightful book full of suggestions but also concrete, stimulating and inspiring Started

Bloemen en vruchten borduren in petit-point / M. Dessein

€ 10,00Prijs
  • 9061138132


    Hardcover met omslag. 1996

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