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Breaking the mould

29/11/20. When Grayson Perry won the Turner Prize in 2003, with his expressively illustrated clay vessels, people began to take interest in the craft-art crossover. Breaking the Mould looks at ceramic artists working within this versatile medium. Drawing on the rich history of pottery these artists are pushing the techniques, objectives and perceptions of the medium into new, exciting territory. The book profiles the work of over 70 ceramicists, including Suzanne King, Simon Fell, Grayson Perry, Barnaby Barford, Carina Ciscato and Amy Houghton. Their work ranges from interpretations of utilitarian pots, to abstract sculpture and a revisioning of kitsch porcelain ornaments, all of which are brought to life in beautiful colour reproductions. Essays by prolific makers and academics look at the history and inspirations behind the medium today. Following in the footsteps of New Directions in Jewellery , Fashioning Fabrics and The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper , Breaking the Mould is a definitive overview of a craft scene that is simultaneously building upon and breaking with its roots, and in doing so creating a brave new future for itself.

Breaking the mould

€ 12,50Prijs
  • 9781904772767

    Uitgeverij;Black dog publishing. 

    Paperback. 2007. 

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