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Enneagram 2 / Richard Rohr.

2/5/21. Discovering the Enneagram introduced readers to a Christian understanding of this ancient tool of discernment. Enneagram II shares the experience of Richard Rohr and others in how this understanding of type can help individuals grow in the spiritual life. The reflections and insights come from a two-day workshop in which people of each of the nine Enneagram types were gathered into groups to discuss the ways in which the gifts and shortcomings of each type worked in the concrete events of everyday life. Father Rohr, as leader of the workshop, both comments on each of the types and shares his own twenty-year experience of working with the Enneagram.In the Enneagram theory of personality, each individual has a central compulsion or preoccupation arising from inherited structures and the influences of environment. This central personality type also has one chief gift, and from these central traits emanate a whole network of preferences and tendencies. The Enneagram recognizes nine basic types, assigns each a number on a circle, and describes the influences and interactions of the various types.

Enneagram 2 / Richard Rohr.

€ 12,50Prijs
  • 9780824514518.

    Uitgeverij; The Crossroad. 

    Hardcover met omslag. 1995. 

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