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Native American Myth and Legend / M. Dixon-Kennedy

23/11/20. Native American lore is as rich and varied as the landscapes it inhabits. In over 1,500 detailed, dictionary-style entries, from Amazonian tribes to the southwestern Zuni, from the mysterious Mayan gods Ab Kin Xoc to Zuyua, from the Pawnee fertility ritual known as Hako to the origins of the Alaskan Inuit (or genuine people ), you'll find it all. People, places, artifacts, and a wealth of historical treasures present a fully dimensional view of these ancient traditions and the cultures from which they came. . ..arranged in an easy-to-use A-to-Z format with numerous cross-references.

Native American Myth and Legend / M. Dixon-Kennedy

€ 10,00Prijs
  • 9780713726695


    Paperback. 1996. Streepje aan de buitenzijde.

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