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The Jews

2/5/21. The Jews have been called the "people of the book" for the history of the entire Jewish nation is reflected in its literature. From the earliest times onwards, the Jews were regularly forced to leave the places they had settled and thus were virtually unable to put down permanent cultural roots. As a consequence of this fate, they always considered themselves wanderers. One constant remained, however: their texts, the essential foundation of their religion and culture. It was in the form of literature, art and crafts that the Jews passed on their cultural heritage from one generation to the next. Jewish life, with all its traditions, is the fascinating focus of the present anthology. The writings collected here tell of political and religious confrontations, of liturgical ceremonies and festivals, of ever new departures for unfamiliar lands - and also of pain and suffering. They span an era which ranges from early documents of Biblical times and writings from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Enlightenment to texts by contemporary authors. Important philosophers such as Maimonides, Spinoza and Moses Mendelssohn share these pages with writers such as Bernard Malamud, Primo Levi and Amos Oz.

The Jews

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  • 9783895080531


    Hardcover met omslag. 1992. 

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